Scott getting a little pet therapy from his favorite rescue dog.  

Scott getting a little pet therapy from his favorite rescue dog.



A presence-based Therapy for those interested in inner exploration, compassionate-awareness and a life of fully being who you really are.

As you sit, right now, you may notice your suffering. All are suffering to a greater or lesser extent. The degrees may change for everyone, sometimes drastically, depending on their circumstances, either internal or external. Some are more aware of, and honest with, themselves and others about their suffering, but suffering we all are. Suffering is the result of habitually focusing our awareness on our thoughts instead of our direct experience. Another way of saying this is that we are identified with form or "ego" (My story, My future, My roles) and are typically unaware of our Being or "essence." When we are in being, our experience of separation begins to drop, and in its stead there is peace, love, vitality, clarity, power, and more. No force is needed for change to occur. When we are in presence, change occurs effortlessly of it's own accord. 

Of course the problem is that it is our habit to be in our heads, to be in ego. The work of therapy is to use presence to inquire into the parts of us that say it's not safe, or that we won't get what we need or want if we stay in presence. By learning to ground ourselves in the experience of this moment, compassion for ourselves exactly as we are in this moment is available, and this inquiry is possible. Without deep compassion and acceptance, it is simply too painful or threatening to explore these inner shadows.

Notice how this therapy completely avoids the potentially damaging traps of conventionally understood psychotherapy: Diagnosing our pain and suffering as a problem to be fixed and giving it a name that reinforces the story that there is something wrong with us, holding-on to some ideas of "normal" or health that is often based on how successfully you are navigating a world that is entirely identified in form, and utilizing a general strategy or plan to help "fix the problem." This typical approach may be helpful for some situations for a period of time, but it is still grounded in the idea that you are your personality, your story. Personality is a prison that keeps you from living in fullness. Improving the prison may make life more enjoyable for awhile, but it will not satisfy your ultimate desire: True Freedom.

To work and live in presence, our True Nature, is my passion. If this approach to addressing your suffering feels right to you, or even just piques your curiosity, please contact me, I'd love to facilitate your journey to peace, vitality, strength and true joy: Fullbeingness.